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  • Very good

  • I've used Scribus and Gimp together at my previous work. And should I say this pair is excellent alternative to expensive proprietary software like Adobe? Yes!

  • Every three months I produce the magazine of my genealogy association. I started from scratch to use Scribus. An easy choice because I prefer using Linux and than Scribus is free. I had to learn a lot but now after 4 issues of the magazine (30+ pages in color) I feel rather confident using Scribus. I never tried another DTP-application before so I have no comparison but I must say that I am rather impressed by what I can achieve with this free application. It is clear that is is under development still and that development is not very fast. I use Scribus-svn-1.5.4.

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  • I had to read some tutorials but afterwards I was able to make a very nice poster. I like this software a lot and will make every effort to learn it even more. Scribus - Gimp and Inkscape are the best trio for artsy fartsy things :)

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  • Install Scribus OFFLINE on BeeFree OS using wizard. Excellent

  • Not to defend anyone who was ranting pnamajck, but your comment "i took one look at your rant and burst out laughing. who would post content on the internet without using spell-check? " could be answered by he was using Scribus to compose his rant since there is NO SPELL CHECK in scribus! OMG! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SCRIBUS! but seriously? no spell check? And don't give me the open source spell check will work find BS story. It's not compiled and in a windows world that is the kiss of death. Really? A desktop publishing program with no way to check spelling? I'm sorry, but that is one serious setback IMHO. Compared to CMYK and Postscript, etc.. spell check should be a walk in the park programming-wise. Minus 2 stars for lack of spell check alone. And if compiling aspell is SOOoooo easy then do it and offer it as a "plug-in" or what have you, but don't expect your users to be programmers.

  • the following is in reply to sun-king's earlier post of 03/13/2015 … thanks. sun_king … you owe it to yourself by trying the software again … this next time, take a step back … look at the majority of the open-source software out there. now compare the program with the releases the big giants push out. adobe 'n quark 'n microsoft 'n aldus … these companies have had decades to refine their products and to present an image of how efficient 'n stout software can be. these companies know what the industry needs. these companies know how to drain consumers' pockets. these companies know how to market! scribus comes along … they have a vision … the boys are slowly making reality out of simple concept. it's free, sun-king … it's free … cannot find better incentive than that. tell you truthfully, i took one look at your rant and burst out laughing. who would post content on the internet without using spell-check? <shrugging> anyway … you're entitled to your opinion … and you've had your say. you did, in your own incredulous way, point out some issues that made scribus catch their breath … least that's what i see in their latest release. couple other points woulda' been helpful … which version did you download 'n install … which operating system were you installing the product on … and what do you miss most of pagemaker? i got sad news for you, friend … pagemaker is not coming back. in fact … i'm not sure for how long quark will stay in the ring. word on the street says they got real issues with rgb conversions to cmyk. publisher … i actually think scribus could pull the wool over microsoft. as i was saying earlier … come back and give scribus an honest try … not a try out of desperation … but put your energy into the program's features and lack-there-of. scribus is not a bad program … it stands to become a serious contender. adobe is laughing right now … but that doesn't mean jack-squat in the world of publishing. you know the old saying, sun-king … the higher they stand … the harder they fall. anyway … read their "readme" file … i believe the link is "" the identical file was packaged with my version (1.52) … i decided to be daring and installed the developer release. apparently … even with their latest release, they still mandate installation of ghost-script or whatever it's called. why did i not choose the stable 1.4.6 release? because i been working with indesign 'n quark 'n pagemaker 'n publisher since forever. after you take out the nuts 'n bolts … they're all fairly similar. anyway … poke your ahead inside their forum again 'n get get your feet wet. signing off … pj.

  • Very good results when you take the time to master the tool. This is obviously different and more complex than a word processor, but the documents are very nice at the end. Used with graphics from gimp.

  • A lot of work went into creating a very poor, non-intuitive program that doesn't do simple tasks like changing font size in a text window. I spent over 30 minutes just trying to change from the default size to a larger size. Nothing I tried worked except uninstalling this dud.

  • It has a lot of features but is totally non-intuitive. Seriously, you have to load it with colors. Really? Desktop publishing that has only 7 or 8 native colors?? Look - there are 4 basic things you need to do with desktop publishing. 1: Format text. 2: Format shapes. 3: Format pictures. 4: Arrange them on a page. These things should be EASY to find and to do, and they are not with Scribus. You should be able to highlight text and format it, as simply as I just said it. But you can't. And I still don't know how to change the color of a shape. I am sure there are those who have taken the time to conform their minds to how the software works and have gotten great results. God bless you. But for me, Scribus stands in the way of my projects rather than facilitates getting them done.

  • 5-star It's an excellent software with plenty of useful features! Appreciated the author(s) and contributors

  • This is a dissapointing program as it offers all that any desktop publisher would seem to need but then completely dissapoints by disinformation, lack of essential basic features and a website "how-to" that is out of date referring to features that no longer exist in the current version ! I am like tens of thousands of users of Adobe PageMaker who have seen their favourite program sabotaged by the failure of Adobe to update their product for the current version of Windows; instead choosing to force users to buy "InDesign" a bloated expensive program that does not work, has never worked and probably will never work. What is the dedicated PageMaker pro to do then ??? Wait here is salvation - a knight is shining armour, up to date, working with all current OSs with all the features of the best high end DTP programs AND it's Open Source FREE !! What more could you want ? Unfortunately what you get for free doesn't have any support or even basic guides. YES there IS an online guide but it doesn't apply to the current version and constantly refers to "tabs" and "drop down pallets" that no longer exit - very exasperating. I installed this program then AFTER the install the "installation window" popped up (!!!) saying that BEFORE the install another program had to be installed (why isn't it incorporated with the installation procedure then ?) Ghostscript (a PostScript interpreter) but there is no link to that program. No worries - I found it then redid the installation WITH the GhostScript installed. The first time the program starts up it takes about 30 mins before it starts as it is compiling a font cache from the installed fonts. After that no menu item is accessible. You have to exit the program then restart it. After this you are completely on your own to 'trial and error' it into shape. I wanted to have a rectangle filled with a colour (black) - a VERY simple and basic procedure - but there is no way to do this. The help application does not contain any information that is relevant and is basically a reiteration of the programmers description of the program. An online search via Google reveals information only on the Scribus website which, yet again, only repeats the above descriptive information without giving any specific answer. I am sure that this program is capable of doing great things but it is intent on "shooting itself in the foot" so that it is virtually impossible for the first time user to use. Work on updates and improvements to the program should be halted IMMEDIATELY and instead a searchable help index with SPECIFIC IDENTIFIABLE STEP-BY-STEP information added FOR THE CURRENT VERSION OF THE PROGRAM. Then it will start to be useable.

  • Excellent.

  • Excellent!

  • I just recently tried to compile Scripus Windoze port with Msys/gcc 4 7 and 8, just to discover that the build system turned completely MSVC specific. Tried the MSVC built binaries, O.K. it worked but were a bit skuggish, tended to freeze/choke, at some points. Then dropped a MINGW 4.8 fully compiled/cpu optimized cairo built without gtk specs in the scribus bin folder and that increased Scribus handling speed by hundred's of percents, while eliminating all awkward behaviours. Great project, but recommended to sack MSVC Win building ports altogether.

  • I have used Scribus 1.4.x for Windows (7-64) on a very powerful laptop fairly often for a technical book. The learning curve is moderate-to-difficult but any DTP software is very complex. It has quite a few inconsistencies and eccentricities. For one example, to change values, occasionally the spin arrow buttons might work but direct numerical entry into the value box may not work. These little things are sporadic but create minor annoyances. It requires greater patience than a commercial release. I had originally written here that Scribus 1.4.x crashed once or more per session (my sessions tend to be very long). After a recent crash the Win7 Action Center function reported that it had adjusted Scribus 1.4.4 to run in "Compatibility Mode." This was done automatically by Win7 and has reduced the crashes greatly to the point where I no longer worry as much but still save often. It was only after many, many dozens of crashes and quite a few 1.4 versions that Windows finally made this automatic adjustment. Others will want to experiment with "Compatibility Mode" to attempt to make this adjustment manually immediately after install. Another reviewer here complained that the panels (panel docking and collapsing) need serious re-engineering to become useful. I suspect that reviewer had not incorporated the use of "F" keys into his workflow. With a dual display setup I drag all panels to their own display. Then just press the panel's F key twice and the panel rises to the top so it works well enough on dual displays. My complaint is that once a panel is closed completely it does not remember the position I had previously assigned to it and I must reposition it every time it is newly reopened. Given that it's free it's just good enough for me to want to continue to use it, working through the occasional frustrations. Part of that is not wanting to spend for InDesign much less learn a new workflow, and knowing that Publisher is not nearly powerful enough. The development isn't perfect but will likely continue to improve. The official online user forum is good enough for finding answers. With all that said, if you have ample patience, you can make very beautiful and professional documents with Scribus. The majority of Scribus is sound and robust. It can do most anything that the commercial products do and a few things they cannot.

  • Scribus allows you to do exactly what it was intended to do. Since we aren't talking about word processors, I won't sit here and complain about Scribus not being just like any other publishing software I've used before. As for other design softwares, Scribus is better than all of them because it works and it's free. Thank you, developers, for the hard work you put into this FREE publishing software!

  • 2018-03-17 UPDATE Four years later, almost all of the mentioned issues with the 1.4.x branch is addressed and fixed. In version 1.5.4-test, all the panels are duckable, the items in the panels are re-arranged, and most, if not all of the usability issues and GUI/UX problems are fixed. The test version is still a work in progress and should not be harshly judged if bugs show up. The development team is certainly on the right track. Scribus is now actually usable and the learning curve has been ironed-out greatly. If you tried Scribus a few years ago and it did not work for you, now it is a good time to give it an honest spin and see all the changes and improvements that are made to this software. I am actually thinking of switching to Scribus finally after testing the above-mentioned version. ----------------------------------- On the positive side, this wonderful project has huge potentials. Excellent results can be achieved by using this software. The results are easily comparable to commercially-available alternatives. [Ignore this because it is fixed] ==> On the negative side, I think the project is underpowered and needs more developers. The user-interface needs rethinking. Many of the great options and features cannot easily be used or are arranged in very confusing ways. It is not lack of features, but the way they are presented that is a big issue: disorganized, scattered, unmanageable, and confusing at times. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for it either. I always wanted to switch to an open-source alternative (from the most-commonly-used desktop publishing software application). I've never been able to do that with Scribus. One reason is that most of your skills on other software are not easily transferable to Scribus. The learning curve for Scribus, even if you have come from another desktop publishing application, is pretty steep and long; and unreasonably so. The panels need serious re-engineering to become useful. They cannot be ducked (as of version 1.4.4) which adds to the usability issue. They're not foldable either, i.e you either have them opened, or closed. This makes using the panels extremely awkward and inefficient. The panels’ usability and the issues surrounding them is the single, most important usability issue with Scribus. The visual elements of the design of the software is stuck somewhere in 1990s and uses the mentality and design paradigms of that era. So it has a lot of room for improvement in this regards. The available themes do not help you fix the dated look of the design at all (they actually make it worse). Aside from the user interface and usability issues, <== [/Ignore this because it is fixed] the setting and preferences are reasonable. You can calibrate the units for measuring sizes based on the resolution of your monitor and it works great. Autosave, colour management, preflight verifications, and PDF export settings are available and different PDF standards are being added gradually. Scribus also allows you to use Python scripts (although I never tried it) and it uses a pluggable architecture (so there are a few plug-ins available for it). The plug-ins extend the features of Scribus. I certainly recommend this software to anyone who wants to have a reasonable alternative to the expensive commercial desktop publishing software applications. Once you passed the initial learning stage, you can be sure that you can create great results in this application, ready for publication at the highest level of quality and standard.

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  • Good tool

  • Good, but I can't say more.

  • Very professional software that delivers very professional results. I use it for all my design and magazine work. Thanks for the hard work.

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  • Scribus is wonderful! Thanks.

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  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best.Good,good,good.+1

  • very good project, thanks!Good,good,good.+1

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